Since Saturday, June 24, that the participating teams in the European Championships of Lagos / 2017 have begun to arrive at the European capital of Speed ​​Skating, Preparing the attack on the 70 European titles in dispute and the 210 medals that will be delivered from Sunday, 2 until Saturday 8 July.

Nota de imprensa

Portugal were the first team to arrive, before some members of the Belgian team were already training in Lagos. On Sunday came Germany, one of the biggest rewards, with thirty-three skaters, among them the 300m world champion Time Trial – Simon Albretch.

The competition will have three levels and the two genres, in the Pista variants, July 2-4, Escola Secundária Júlio Dantas, Road Circuit, days 6 and 7, Escola Básica das Naus And finally the marathon, on July 8, at the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve, on the debut of Skating in this space.

Before the competitions we will have official training on the Track, on Thursday, Friday, all day and Saturday morning, where the public can buy the tickets for the competition. On Saturday afternoon, the lacobrigense public and all the fans of the teams will be able to watch the parade of the fifteen teams and the 262 registered skaters and get to know the faces of the stars that will be in Portugal, to show the spectacularity of this modality that will be part of the Youth Olympic Games, in Buenos Aires 2018.

At this moment and after the knowledge of the participating skaters, the public can focus on those who will be the biggest candidates, in the most competitive tier, the Seniors.

In speed races, and in the male sector, 300m, 500m e 1Km in Track, 100m and 1 lap on the road, the main candidates for European titles and the three medals, gold, silver and bronze in each distance will be:
Simon Albrecht, ALE, – World Champion of 300m and twice European Champion 300m and 1 lap, the brightest star, should be confronted byIoseba Fernandez, ESP, Vice World Champion and European Champion 100m and the French brothersDaren and Edwin De Souza, by the Italians Andrea Angeletti and Ricardo Passaroto, the dutch GerrieVan Lingen and Rick Scipper, Without forgetting the 2nd place in the ranking of the European Cup of 2017, the Portuguese and lacobrigense Diogo Marreiros, to compete at home, with strong public support.
In the female sector, Laethisia Schimek, ALE, twice European Champion of 100m e 500m, Vanessa Bittner Herzog, AUT, Vice campeã europeia de 100m, as belgas, Sandrine Tas, campeã europeia de 300m e Stein Vanhoutte, vice campeã europeu de 300m e recordista de 300m da Pista de Lagos., a espanhola Sheila Posada, Vice European Champion of 500m, the Italian Francesca Lollobrigida, World and European Champion 1Km e Giulia Bongiorno, Will be those where the attention is centered.

In the long races 10/15Km elimination and Points+Elimination in track, 10/15 e 20Km in road, and the Marathon, Those who will fight for the European titles and the ascents to the podium, will be:
Bart Swings, BEL, European Champion 20Km, Considered by many, the world’s best founder, world record holder 1K and marathon, is considered the unattainable candidate.
Its greatest opponents will be the Portuguese Diogo Marreiros, Bronze in the last world 10Km P and Martyn Dias, 2nd in the European Cup in 2016, both competing at home, German Felix Rijhnen, European champion of marathon in 2014, Patxi Peula, ESP, 10K World Champion P/E in 2014, Winner of Terras do Infante in 2017, a deep connoisseur of the Track in Lagos, the French Nolan Beddiaf, Timothy Loubineaud and Quentin Giraudeau, The Dutch, former World Champion and European Marathon Champion, Crispjin Ariens and Gary Hekman, And finally the most menacing, Stefano Mareschi, European Champion of 15Km and former world champion and Daniel Niero, Both representing the squadra azurra.
In the women’s sector the main candidate for all titles will be the Italian super champion, Francesca Lollobrigida, Bi World Champion and Tri European Champion in title, who can face her? Maybe the Belgian Sandrine Tas, Tri Champion European, French Maelann Le Roux, Bronze in the marathon and the Dutch Manon Kaminga, Vice European champion of 20Km.

It is expected to know the level of form of the skaters, which may already be observed in official training.

Italy, with 48 skaters (the largest delegation) was the dominating country of the last Europeans and also in the Junior, B and A, having won 71 medals and 29 titles in the 2016 Europeans in Herde / The Netherlands with 3044 points and is expected to dominate again.
Netherlands, 13 titles, 37 medals and 2386 points, in 2016, Germany, 10, 24 and 1767, France 9, 44 and 2841, Belgium, 6, 18 and 1441 and Spain, 3, 11 and 1443 were the six countries that had Skaters European champions and should also be the dominators in Lagos / 2017.
Portugal, competing at home with 19 skaters will try to improve the 9th place in the ranking in 2016, and increase the number of medals achieved, only 1 bronze in 2016.

Paulo Batista
Technical coordinator Roller Lagos C.P.